"What is the difference between a "ceiling fan" and a "table fan? Which one to choose is worth it? and answers the most questions
"Fan" It is an electrical appliance that must be installed in the home. To help the house have cool breezes. and to allow the air inside the house to circulate easily By during the summer The weather is hot and stuffy. This makes many people look for fans to help relieve the heat. Two main examples of fans are ceiling fans and table fans. But which type is more suitable for you Starlight has the answer to make your decision easier
Tips (not) secret for maintaining ceiling fans
Tips (not) secret for maintaining ceiling fans Along with how to clean the ceiling fan to be dust-free, stain-free, and keep the wind strong as before. It's very easy to manage by yourself
Tell me the secret Choose lamps for different rooms in the house, which style is yours
I want to buy a lamp to decorate my house, one or two pieces. But I can't decide which type of lamp to choose to be suitable and meet the needs of every member of the house. Today, Starlight is ready to recommend steps for choosing a beautiful lamp. To suit your home, you know before anyone else
Install a ceiling fan How to under the downlight? Does not cause flashing light
If you are thinking of installing a ceiling fan in a room that uses downlights. The important thing to consider is not to let the downlight be above the ceiling fan or your room will have flashing lights. Starlight has the following recommendations
What causes the ceiling fan to fluctuate and vibrate? How to fix it?
If you still have symptoms of abnormal shaking or shaking Adjust the vibration by the following methods
5 tips for lighting Strengthen child development
Important things that many adults overlook For a resting area or a space to learn things about your children
Ceiling fan VS Fan lamp
Thailand is a tropical country. Ceiling fans are therefore electrical appliances that have been installed in Thai people's homes for many generations. But what kind of fan should you choose to buy? Today STARLIGHT has the answer
Things you should know before buying “ceiling fan”
Before considering various usage patterns or beauty, the first thing to consider when purchasing a ceiling fan, STARLIGHT has the answer
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