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Ceiling Fan  Ceiling Fan With Light  Hanging Lamps

The factory comes with its own installation service in Bangkok and surrounding areas.

How to Order

How to 5 Steps for Order Products

1. Select the desired product Then press add to cart. or order immediately

Select the products you want to add to your cart immediately. Press >> Add to Cart <<

2. Check the shopping cart Then press the payment process button.

Can increase/decrease the quantity of products Once selected, the total amount of products in the cart must be paid. When you have selected all the products, Press >> Order Products <<

**If you have problems ordering, you can call to inquire immediately by pressing 02-946-5971-4 or 02-114-8086  (during business hours Mon-Sat 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

3. Fill in shipping information

  • Fill in the delivery details completely.  Shipping Tick free shipping.  By private transport
  • Need a tax invoice Want to issue a tax invoice.ตรวจสอบรายละเอียดทั้
  • Check all details and the amount to be paid, press >> Next <<

4. Choose to transfer money via bank account. and notify payment

Confirm the slip through the website, Press >> Notify payment <<

5. Wait to receive the product.

Warranty Terms

Product group: Ceiling fans/ Ceiling Fan With Light

The company guarantees only products purchased from STARLIGHT, with fan motors guaranteed for 3-10 years. Product Warranty From the date of purchase You must show evidence, warranty card or purchase documents. By guaranteeing product damage under Correct use and damage from production only

Warranty Terms and Conditions :

  1. Motor warranty 3-10 years (number of years specified in the warranty card in the product box of every model)
  2. The company will be responsible in the event of damage caused by a factory error, or products that do not correspond to the purchase order.
  3. The product being claimed must be in the same packaging in all respects and must be accompanied by a receipt or invoice in order to request a product exchange.
  4. Company products Has passed 100% quality inspection from the factory for every model.
  5. This warranty does not include travel expenses or transportation costs for off-site services.

The warranty will be void under following circumstances :

  1. The color of the actual product is different from the photo or sample.
  2. Inappropriate use or misuse
  3. Accidents, scratches, bumps or cuts.
  4. Wrong or inappropriate care
  5. Problems that result from improper installation. Misuse or failure to follow the installation manual Suitable installation area Faulty wiring can cause damage to the product.
  6. Installed by a general technician who installs the product. which is not the company's installer And in the event that the product has problems or abnormalities such as the fan vibrates, there is a loud noise, the motor does not rotate. (Wrong wiring connection, motor burns out, the company cannot be responsible for this part)
  7. Clearance product group, special price
  8. Special order/production order product group

*Conditions are as specified by the company.


Bank Transfer *No cash on delivery service*

Credit card (at store only) *No card swiping fee charged.


Account Name : Starlight Central world Co., LTD.

Account No. : 088-1-07082-0


Account Name : Starlight Central world Co., LTD.

Account No. : 076-2-71401-8


Account Name : Starlight Central world Co., LTD.

Account No. : 187-3-07771-1

Delivery Policy

Delivery all over Thailand By private transport

Products are extra large or overseas.

Contact staff via or call to inquire by pressing 02-946-5971-4 or 02-114-8086 

 (during business hours Mon-Sat 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

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