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Our Customers' Success is Our Success.

Creating income by doing OEM. We focus on working together with entrepreneurs. Including all customers who have their own work designs. or work form from us Produce quality products Including convenience, speed and accuracy, focusing primarily on satisfaction with work and service.

We specialize in OEM fan production and after-sales service. For our customers To increase customer confidence to achieve maximum satisfaction. that the factory produces ceiling fans and ceiling fan with light Our are of high quality. and worth the investment Received industrial product standards (TIS) 934-2015


พัดลมโคมไฟ โคมไฟ แบบ OEM

For those interested in building a brand Start a business or even those who have already operated the business When the business begins to grow Entrepreneurs will start looking for factories to produce their own products. Because it will have a cheaper cost. and select products that match the customer group of that business The brand owner does not need to have its own factory. You can have your own brand.

Production Ordering Process  

STEP 1 Select Product

Ready to inform desired details such as style, color, quantity, materials to evaluate the price. and production time.

STEP 2 Check the Quotation

We send you a quote Ready to inform details and steps for customers to inspect Before producing ceiling fans, ceiling fan with light, lamps

STEP 3 Sign the Contract

Sign a production contract As specified in the contract.

STEP 4 Waiting to receive the product

We produce fans and deliver products according to the plan.


กับโรงงานผลิตพัดลม OEM ของเรา

The factory has received industrial product standards (TIS).

The fan production factory has received industrial product standards (TIS) in the country and has had exclusive rights to import products from abroad.

More than 30 years of Experience

In the business of ceiling fans, ceiling fan with light and lamps and has a reliable storefront. With our own production factory

Beautiful, Modern

Various products More than 1,000 outstanding, unique and modern designs.

We care about fast service.

and after-sales service With warranty for some products Deliver products to customers confidently and on time.

Pay attention to the importance of packaging.

Our product packaging is well designed. Give importance to packaging Help create the first impression of customers. By a professional design team.

Business License STARLIGHT

 โรงงานรับผลิต OEM ภายใต้ชื่อแบรนด์ของลูกค้า


(มอก.) 934-2558

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