STARLIGHT Installation Service

Ceiling Fans  Ceiling Fan With Light

By a team of professional technicians with expertise and experience Guaranteed quality of work with standards.

After-Sales Service Install Ceiling Fan

After-sales service is important to create customer satisfaction. Therefore, we give special importance to

 We provide ceiling fan installation services. complete ceiling fan with light Whether it is sales service After-sales service, repairs, replacement of parts and various accessories.

 Including warranty for some types of products.

Steps for Receiving Ceiling Fan Installation Services and Reporting Repairs  

STEP 1 Contact Us

Customers report service.

STEP 2 Inform related information

Customers prepare information for service such as fan model, symptoms, service location. and contact number.

STEP 3 Wait for the staff to contact you back.

Staff call to make an appointment. and when it is convenient for customers to receive service

STARLIGHT Installation Service Ceiling Fans

Providing advice if customers have problems with installation. Maintenance service for ceiling fans and ceiling fan with light. By a team of professional technicians

Terms of service

Service only in Bangkok and Surrounding areas.

Ceiling fan installation service fee and ceiling fan with light Starting at 950 baht per point

(price may be adjusted according to the difficulty of the job site)

Customers must prepare electrical wiring. Come to the point of installing the ceiling fan yourself.

Space for installing ceiling fans is limited by height from the floor. To the service point not more than 3.5 meters.

Guaranteed work after installation for 30 days

(in the case of normal use from the date of delivery)

All rights reserved for products that have already been installed. Do not accept exchanges or returns.

In the case where the work site is not ready for installation or not informed of the postponement before the appointment date, the company will charge a travel fee of 500 baht/time.

In the case that the customer wishes to move the installation point or install the old one that the company has already installed, the charge will be equal to the new installation work.

Book an Appointment for Service

Maintenance  Ceiling Fans

Mon-Sat : 08:00AM.-5:00PM.

 ติดตั้ง/ ซ่อม (Maintenance) บริการติดตั้งพัดลมเพดาน/ พัดลมโคมไฟ



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