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Ceiling Fan  Ceiling Fan With Light  Hanging Lamps

The factory comes with its own installation service in Bangkok and surrounding areas.

Our Product Brands

All Products include ceiling fan with light, ceiling fans crystal fan lamp and beautiful lamps from various famous brands For you to choose from, many styles Covers every decoration At a price that is easily accessible.

Story Of Starlight Central World

We are a manufacturer, importer and distributor of ceiling fans, ceiling fan with light, decorative lamps, hanging ceiling lamps. crystal hanging lamp for beautiful home decoration and accessories with more than 30 years of experience, products and services from the brands Sunlight, Compass East, Air-Le-Gance, Lumos are all copyrighted under the trademark STARLIGHT.

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We can help you produce and creating your own preferable brands of ceiling fans, ceiling fan with light, chandeliers, chandeliers crystal

 Decorative ceiling fan Guaranteed quality

 Has a production factory

 industrial product standards (TIS 934-2015)

Variety of design lamps

Modern Available in over

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