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บริษัท สตาร์ไลท์ เซ็นทรัลเวิลด์ จำกัด

With a management team that has a lot of experience in business operations, since 1986, the company has been registered. Starlight Central World Co., Ltd. under the trademark STARLIGHT

At present, Starlight Company Central World is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of ceiling fans, ceiling fan with light, decorative lamps, crystal hanging lamps. and various equipment. Products and services from the brands Sunlight, Compass East, Air-Le-Gance, Lumos are all copyrighted under the trademark "STARLIGHT".

we select products that are beautiful, diverse, easy to use, modern, and prices that everyone can afford.

The company has its own production facility in Thailand. That has been certified to industrial product standards (TIS 934-2015) We have a production team. Systematic product delivery as well as installation services By a team of experienced technicians

From more than 30 years of experience and determination in the field of ceiling fans, ceiling fan with light, and lamps, we select products that are beautiful, diverse, easy to use, modern, and prices that everyone can afford. Our products are therefore trusted by All customer groups such as residential customers, designer customers or groups of customers working on various projects in continually choosing to use STARLIGHT products Because we are aware of things that respond to the needs within the hearts of customers under the slogan Starlight, answering every lifestyle. With production factory standards.

Our Product Brands

The company is committed to becoming a leader in the production and distribution of ceiling fan, ceiling fan with light and lamps to meet the needs of customers. and create maximum customer satisfaction.

1. Continuously develop products and products to support the diverse needs of customers.

2. Develop planning and good management for efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

3. Continuously develop the attitude, skills, and work strategies of personnel. To upgrade products and services

Committed to developing products and services to create customer satisfaction as the priority under the slogan Starlight meet every lifestyle with factory standards.


We are a manufacturer and distributor Ceiling Fan, Lamps that are of high quality and meet international standards.

Cheap Products

Prices start at just a few hundred. It's a price that everyone can afford.

Beautiful and Modern

There are more than 1,000 products.

The warranty period is 10 year

Warranty only for motor: 3-10 years.

Easy to Buy Products

Shop online or see the actual products at the showroom

Fast Service

Eliable service, with a factory. and import our own Order immediately and send immediately. Definitely receive the item quickly.

After-Sale Service

Install/Maintenance Ceiling fan/Ceiling Fan With Light installation service by a team of professional technicians with expertise. and experience Guaranteed quality of work with standards.

Warranty Terms

• Only products purchased from STARLIGHT are guaranteed.

• The warranty period is 3-10 year for motors.

• This warranty is valid from the date of purchase and must be presented with proof of purchase.

• This warranty will only cover damages caused by manufacturing defects and under proper usage following.

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