Tell me the secret Choose lamps for different rooms in the house, which style is yours

Last updated: 19 Apr 2024
Tell me the secret Choose lamps for different rooms in the house, which style is yours

Tell me the secret Choose lamps for different rooms in the house, which style is yours

I want to buy a lamp to decorate my house, one or two pieces. But I can't decide which type of lamp to choose to be suitable and meet the needs of every member of the house. Today, Starlight is ready to recommend steps for choosing a beautiful lamp. To suit your home, you know before anyone else

6 steps to choosing the right lamp for your home

  1. Measure the size of the lamp installation area :

    Size of the area where the lamp needs to be installed It is important to consider. To help determine the number of light bulbs required. and the size of the light bulb, for example if it is a room that is quite wide You can choose to use chandeliers. or hanging lamp to add features and make the room look more outstanding, but if it isRooms with limited space You may choose a ceiling lamp with ceiling panels. or downlight lamps to use instead, etc

    2. Ceiling height :

    Measuring the height of the ceiling It is very important. Due to the height of the ceiling in the location where it needs to be installed. It will affect the selection of the size of the lamp that is installed. Because no one wants to install a long chandelier lamp. And the weight is quite large in a room with a low ceiling, causing the roomLooks uncomfortable, disproportionate, or chooses to install a small ceiling lamp in a high and spacious hall, causing the area to lack grandeur. or reduce luxury

    3. Lamps suitable for room style :

    Time to choose a beautiful lamp style that you like and is suitable for the room decoration style to use. You must consider the overall decoration or theme of the house and what style it is currently decorated in. Or what style do you want to decorate your home in? Once you have determined the theme of your home, So gradually go buy lamps that match your styleDecorate the house we want If anyone is not sure which type of lamp is suitable for our home. It is recommended that you try taking pictures of the house. or the area where you want to install the lamp Then ask for advice from employees. Or you can use the method of viewing references from home decoration websites as well

    4. Lighting is appropriate :

    Choosing the light of an LED light bulb that is suitable for the area where the floor lamp is installed will help increase the atmosphere. and provide light that is appropriate for the use of that area very well Therefore, before purchasing a light bulb for a floor lamp Therefore, you should get to know the different types of lights. Let's do it well first. to choose appropriatelyWith use

    5. Choose the appropriate bulb size :

    In addition to each room having a different design. There are also different desired brightnesses. If the style of the room where you want to install a hanging lamp is focused on dark tones. You should choose the MR16 downlight bulb and choose a power of about 5w-7w. But if it is a room that needs thorough lighting, you may chooseE27 downlight bulb and select power approximately 8w-15w according to needs. And if you're not sure how much brightness to choose? Therefore it will be suitable for use

    6. Buy with a shop that meets standards :

    final step This is an important step that will allow you to get beautiful, quality, and standardized lamps to use. Choosing to buy lamps from stores, showrooms, or distributors that meet standards. There are a variety of lamps to choose from. and can check the quality before purchasing And because of the beautiful lamps What we bought must be withWe will go on for a long time and it will also directly affect safety. Therefore, there should be a product warranty. and after-sales service as well And if now you want to buy a beautiful lamp From a standard store, stop by Starlight and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. Plus you get all the items in one place


Normally, the lights in the bedroom include lights that illuminate the room. and dim lights that add to the atmosphere Using a table lamp alone may not be enough. Try adding a ceiling lamp. So you can be sure there will be enough light in the room. You may choose a model that can control the brightnessThis is if it is a child's bedroom. Choosing a ceiling lamp is a better option than a hanging lamp in terms of safety from children's naughty play

Installation trick : The lamp should be 30-50 cm from the bedside table. For convenience in placing books or phones

Dining room

Dining room or dining table area It is another area of the house that is popular for using decorative lamps. Because the dining table is considered the front of the house of the house. Therefore, using ceiling lamps to attach to the said area. It will help add more interest to the house

Installation trick : The lamp should be installed at a size of 1/3 of the width of the dining table, such as a 90 cm wide table. The lamp body preferably has a diameter of 30 cm. and install a hanging lamp height 70- 90 cm from the dining table

Living room

Installing ceiling lamps in the living room It shows the taste of the homeowner through the ceiling lamps. The living room is considered the face of the house and is a gathering area for members of the house. Therefore, decorating a living room with ceiling lamps must take into account both beauty. and safety

Installation Trick : To provide no visual obstruction for those sitting on the sofa, leave the lamp at a height of 150 -170 cm. Relate to the top of the coffee table or measure from the floor should be 180 - 210 cm above the floor.

Kitchen or bar counter

By choosing a lamp that has good light distribution. Add light to cooking Makes cooking convenient and more secure But there shouldn't be a lot of lamp elements. Because there is a chance that dust will accumulate in the lamp and fall onto the food

Installation trick : The lamp should hang 200 cm from the counter. This is because the area is sensitive to standing and cooking. Therefore, it is not suitable for hanging lanterns at low distances. The distance from each other is at least 70 cm. In order not to create a hidden corner that obscures The vision of the person sitting

Appropriate distance for installing hanging lamps

If you are building a house that consists of many different rooms such as a bedroom, kitchen, living room, it is important to choose lamps for each area of the house. especially hanging lamps Installing it at the correct distance will make your home look beautiful. It also helps provide the most efficient lighting

It is also very important to consider the space for installation. So that the lamp is balanced and proportional to the room. It will make your home space beautiful. and provide maximum light efficiency

Starlight meets every lifestyle. With production factory standards


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