Things you should know before buying “ceiling fan”

Last updated: 12 Mar 2024
Things you should know before buying “ceiling fan”

Many people are starting to pay more attention to ceiling fans. Because in addition to providing coolness You can also decorate your home to make it look more beautiful. Before buying a ceiling fan, things to consider aside from the variety of uses or the new, modern distinctiveness of the ceiling fan. But what you need to consider before buying a ceiling fan, Starlight hasThe answer is given  

1. Fan usage area :
  • Inside the building, you can choose any type of fan and install it anywhere inside the building
  • Exterior (under the roof) uses fans that can be installed outside the building, such as models with ABS blades

2. Fan sizes suitable for room space :

It should be checked first that the size of the room must be the size in which the fan is to be installed, provided that the impeller is at least 24 inches (60 cm) from the wall

  • Room size not exceeding 9.29 sq m.M. 32-36 inch ceiling fans should be selected
  • Room size not exceeding 20.90 sq m.M. 42-48 inch ceiling fans should be selected
  • Room size not exceeding 37.16 sq m.M. 52-54 inch ceiling fans should be selected
  • Room size larger than 37.16 sq m.M. 56-60 inch ceiling fan should be selected

These worries will be reduced. Just think of us Ready to give advice and consultation Before buying a ceiling fan 

Starlight meets every lifestyle. With production factory standards

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