5 tips for lighting Strengthen child development

Last updated: 12 Mar 2024
5 tips for lighting Strengthen child development

An important thing that many adults overlook is arranging lighting to suit children. Because in addition to paying attention to the wind direction and openness and comfort You must pay attention to the details of the lights. and consider the quality of the product To suit every environment Whether it is a space for relaxation or a space for learning things Of children

1. Choose quality light bulbs that pass TIS standards: Choosing a light bulb should consider the quality of the product first. You should choose light bulbs made from environmentally friendly materials, no mercury

2. Choose the color of the light to suit your use: Light is important. If there is a reading table in the room You should choose light that helps preserve your eyesight, such as soft light (Warm white) if it is an activity room to promote children's development. Recommended as

3. Choose a lamp Instead of turning on the lights throughout the bedroom : Some children may not like darkness. Therefore, many times we may solve the problem by turning on the lights throughout the room. But it may result in the child not sleeping well. and not getting enough sleep So that children receive adequate rest. It is recommended to find a small lamp. Keep it at the head of the bed so it's not too bright. and does not disturb sleep It also gives the child peace of mind that the light is on

4. You shouldn't install just one light in the entire room: We might think that installing just one light is enough for a children's room. But choosing to install multiple light bulbs in various points in the room can not only decorate the room beautifully. It also helps distribute light throughout the entire room. There is no dark corner that may cause you to look at things

5. Provide a room with space for natural light: Sunlight is good for children because it helps children feel good. In addition, ultraviolet rays help kill bacteria. and helps strengthen the body's immunity Bedroom and playroom Should face a direction with good sunlight

How are you with the 5 tips that we've brought to you today? Hopefully it will be applied to get the most benefit. Because every stage of children's growth is important

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