Install a ceiling fan How to under the downlight? Does not cause flashing light

Last updated: 13 Mar 2024
Install a ceiling fan How to under the downlight? Does not cause flashing light

Install a ceiling fan How to under the downlight? Does not cause flashing light

If you are thinking of installing a ceiling fan in a room that uses downlights. The important thing to consider is not to let the downlight be above the ceiling fan or your room will have flashing lights. Starlight has the following recommendations

1. Choose the type of downlight to meet your usage needs

  • starlights embedded under the ceiling It is all the lanterns buried under the ceiling. It will look harmonious with the ceiling. You can only see the front of the lamp. Makes it beautiful and comfortable for the eyes. Therefore, it is the most popular downlight. Especially in homes, residences, condominiums, restaurants, as well as hotels or various office buildings
  • floating downlights If you want lights that are beautiful It is a room decoration item that looks more interesting. Floating downlights will allow us to see the lamp clearly. Often choose to use with rooms that do not have a ceiling frame. Focusing mainly on using lights, there are many designs and sizes to choose from as desired
  • ceiling hanging downlights We may have seen lamps with cables hanging from the ceiling. which we call Ceiling hanging downlights outstanding Various designs Get both light and can decorate the room at the same time
  • semi-floating lid downlights The lamp is embedded in the ceiling and has a slightly protruding lamp front. This type of downlight reduces space under the ceiling. Suitable for installation in every residence that needs to add features to the ceiling, providing brightness and beauty at the same time

2. Techniques for installing ceiling fans
If the installation distance is not appropriate Flashing light can be caused by the main related factors: fan length, location and the light distribution angle of the downlight, with the blade edges and downlight preferably being at least 600 mm apart. And as for the ceiling fan that is connected to the hanging pipe, the downlight should be separated as shown in the picture to be appropriate.

3. Downlight position with ceiling fan installation

The tip of the propeller should be at least 60 cm away from the room wall. (24 inches) Recommended installation distance as shown in the picture

If you are worried about installing both ceiling fans and downlights to get the appropriate distance And there was no flashing light. Consider buying a ceiling fan with built-in lights as another good option. Starlight recommends 3 best-selling models for fan lamps. You can ask the admin  @starlightfan

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