LED Floor Lamp L-L08-150FRA (LED 33.6W) Red copper

SKU : L-L08-150FRA
Material : Aluminum/Acrylic | Dimension : W23xH150 cm | Color : Red copper | Light bulbs : LED 33.6W (Warm White)

Product description

Floor lamp STARLIGHT - Modern style


  1. Used as decoration for beauty and open for light
  2. Made from aluminum and acrylic, good quality, durable
  3. It comes with a built-in LED bulb with a power of 33.6 Watts (Warm White)
  4. Enable-disable with control switch
  5. Wire length 3 meters

Warnings and Precautions

  1. Be careful of electrical leakage if installed incorrectly
  2. Turn off the switch every time electrical equipment is installed
  3. Do not use if any equipment is found to be damaged
  4. Do not install or repair the product yourself.
  5. Must use an expert technician only

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